Drift 4 Christ

What is Drift 4 Christ?

Drift 4 Christ ministries is a Drift Racing team based in North Brisbane, QLD. Founded by Leighton Smith in 2007 as a personal ministry to the local drift community, Drift 4 Christ is now a full time ministry competing at a national level, as well as providing inspirational and empowering presentations at schools and youth events across Australia!

Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport where the drivers control a 300hp+ car while intentionally sliding it sideways at high speed through a marked course. It is similar to rally racing, but is done on a closed course and judged on execution and style (similar to freestyle motocross) rather than who finishes the course fastest.

Drifting is the fastest growing motorsport in Australia and is often classified as an extreme sport rather then traditional motorsport racing, making the sport of drifting attractive and entertaining to the youth of Australia. Unfortunately there is also the ‘hooning’ association, as well as the extreme sports ‘partying’ subculture that comes along with drifting, which Drift 4 Christ hopes to offer a positive alternative to.

Drift 4 Christ Ministries aims to:

  • Be a positive roll model to youth and school children promoting healthy lifestyle choices, safe and responsible driving, and Jesus Christ.
  • Show the youth of Australia that being a Christian is fun, fulfilling, and exciting and that we don’t need drugs and alcohol to have a good time.
  • Declare the name of Jesus in a confident and original way, hoping to plant seeds of intrigue that will lead to opportunities to share the meaning, hope and joy that is found in Jesus Christ.

What’s New for 2011?

Drift 4 Christ Ministries can be divided into 3 main categories.

These include:

  • Drift 4 Christ Racing
  • Drift 4 Christ Schools
  • Drift 4 Christ Safe Driving

Drift 4 Christ Racing:

Stadium Drift Pro Tour

Drift 4 Christ has Signed up again for Raceline’s Stadium Drift Pro Tour for 2011. This series consists of 8 rounds across QLD and NSW. There is great Free to Air television coverage of the series this year on ONE HD.

Raceline Events and Demos

Raceline also puts on a number of one off events through out the year as well as Drift Demos at other major motorsport events. These events have huge media coverage and attract a huge crowd or fans and spectators.

Raleigh Raceway Drift Series

Drift 4 Christ has been competing in the Raleigh Drift Series since the start. Having won the series in 2008 and 2009 and placing 2nd in 2010, Drift 4 Christ is Defiantly one of the favourite and well known cars in the series!

Archerfield Drifts

Archerfield Drift Days happen 1 to 2 times a week plus many drift comps that come up through out the year. Drift 4 Christ Will be competing in as many of these events as possible throughout the year.

Please see Events Page for more information on event dates and locations!

Drift 4 Christ Schools:

Drift 4 Christ Schools is our school ministry program that we provide for schools as well as youth events in between our drift racing events. These programs are very inspirational and empowering as the team members shares their personal testimonies of the decisions they had to make growing up through high school and how they got to know Jesus Christ as their personal friend and saviour!

Our School Programs involve:

  • Powerful testimonies from the Drift 4 Christ Team
  • Fun and interactive games with the kids, with prizes
  • Our drift racing and touring experiences with related bible verses and stories
  • Action packed drift videos
  • Drift 4 Christ give-aways ( hats, t-shirts, stickers, posters )
  • A questions time and interactive time between the Drift 4 Christ Team and the Kids.

    Drift 4 Christ Safe Driver Program:

    Our Safe Driver Program is planed to start for 2011.

    As a Professional Drift Racer and one of the top Drift Teams in Australia, we have a Huge influence on the young people in our schools, especially young males who can’t wait to get their licence. The last thing we want to see is for these kids to get their licence, buy a car, do dangerous modifications to it, and start driving it recklessly around our streets, endangering themselves and the lives of the public.

    With our position of influence and our safe driving program we hope to teach these new drivers both the correct and safe way to drive on public roads, the correct and legal way to go about modifying their first car, the dangers and consequences of reckless driving, street racing and drink driving.

The Program:

  • In our safe driver program we will explain the dangers of reckless and irresponsible driving or ‘hooning’, and the different consequences that you would have to face for reckless driving, illegal street racing, and street drifting.
  • We aim to show the young and up-coming drivers both the correct and incorrect ways of modifying cars and the dangers of doing it wrong.
  • Personal stories of 2 close friends, one who miraculously survived a high speed car crash and how this effected both his life and the lives of his close friends and family, and another friend who killed his mate due to irresponsible driving and how this dramatically changed his life!
  • Will will show several impacting videos designed to shock students into realising that they are not invincible and that without proper respect for both their cars and the road rules, that they too could become a statistic of young driver fatalities.